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For Want of: A ClementineA DistractionA Brother


I Beg Caution

Perfectly Closeted Away

So, What are You in Here For Then?

The Cucumber Aficionado

They Say That They Are Lovers


A Tendency for Bitterness

For I Am No Lover of Lilies

The Barmy Adventures of Brannigan Bimblespottin


Among the Bracken

A Lesson I Do Not Need to Learn

Beguiling Book Lover

But Still the Flower Blooms

Consult an Atlas

Don’t Blame Yourself



Happy Valentines

It Always Was So

It Started in 1764

I Wish It Were Not So


Liberator + (Sketches)

Madoka + (Sketches)

Murky Waters + (Sketches)

Painting By Numbers: 1 ,2, 3


Please Be Quiet

Scrutinise the Scene


The Kiznaiver Project + (SketchesSketches)

The View Outside

Unremitting Thirst + (Sketches)

We Make Little Progress

We Think Ahead

Wishing For Forsythias

1 – 34,975


Flash Fiction:

A Casual Observer

And I Just Want to Say how Thankful I Am

A Person Like This

A Year and Four Months Later

Do Not Think of It

Don’t Take This Away From Me Yet

Foremost Considerations


I Didn’t Think So

Idle Curiosity

It’s Fun Being Boring, Really

Its Inevitable

Onigiri and Fruit

Patience is a Virtue

Polite Formalities

Screws Loose

Things Never Get Easier

To Regard Someone

Comic Book Script:

Game Over: 123456 and 7

Work By My Fellow Writers:

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Acacia Aurora

Lois Elsden

Richard Kefford

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