As my list of writing ever expands, I thought it was about time there was a place to showcase my best work, to highlight my projects which have been praised and received a lot of support!

A Tendency for Bitterness – A collection of short stories, which are written with various songs or albums in mind.

For I Am No Lover of Lilies – Magical-realism shorts focussing on the traditional Gothic archetypes of the femme fatale and virtuous maidens. Whilst most of these are original tales, this collection also contains sequels and prequels to works by writers such as  Angela Carter and the Brothers Grimm.

Game Over– A seven-part comic book script, serving as a modernisation of Charlotte Perkin’s Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’.

The Barmy Adventures of Brannigan BimblespottinRidiculous idiocies of eighteenth-century duke Brannigan Bimblespottin, originally written for a university portfolio.

Miscellaneous– The writing here doesn’t belong to any specific series, but has been proven either very popular or is something I am personally very proud of.

If you instead wish to view my illustrations, you can have a look at my artwork page

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