Come meet Bimblespottin, Merribanks and all their wacky, questionably unstable friends in Victorian London.

Whether its a falling in love with the entire catalog of Backstreet Boys, a trial by combat with werewolves or exploring a land engulfed in pudding, Bimblespottin does it all, and with fabulous style!

The Barmy Adventures of Brannigan Bimblespottin is easily one of the most popular series I’ve ever written, and has also been featured multiple times at the Moving Dragon Writes.

And now you can read the entire series, as it gets published, right here!

Genre: Comedy, romance, adventure.


1) The Bloodthirsty Beast of Bimblespottin Wood + Sketches

2) The Harrowing Happenings of Howie Dorough  + Sketches

3) The Dastardly Dinner with Miss Draggidoodle + Sketches

4) The Confounding Camping Cock-Up + Sketches

4.5) The Adventurous Anecdote of Adeline + Sketches