For I Am No Lover of Lilies is a series of Gothic shorts I’ve written, often in the format of fairy tales. They deal with concepts such as gender, sexuality, death and the liberated woman.

Alongside original pieces, some of these stories are prequels/sequels to stories written by other authors, such as Angela Carter, Marina Warner or The Brothers Grimm.

If you know of any other writers who dabble in fairy tales, please feel free to message me and help me discover even more great writers!

If you want to read more of my Gothic work, check out my Gothic tag, which also features my poetry and illustrations!

Series Introduction!

Original Works:

A Most Unusual Cup of Tea

Art Deco


Everlasting Like The Sun

For I Was Safer In The Tower

It’s Strictly Professional

Joan and the Beanstalk

Lain in His Breast Pocket


Perhaps its Best to Remain Inside


Fraulein in the House of Love – A prequel to Angela Carter’s The Lady of the House of Love

For I Am No Lover of Lilies – A prequel to Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber

The Erl Queen – A sequel to Angela Carter’s The Erl King