‘Rebecca Sherratt’ Bimblespottin mused, sipping his elderberry tea. ‘Where would I even start with Rebecca Sherratt?’

‘Her last name rhymes with ferret’, Merribanks added, ‘that’s always an interesting ice breaker.’

‘Shut up Merribanks. We have to make her sound delightful! This is an About page after all, and we must praise our all-mighty creator!’

‘Well,’ Merribanks continued, picking his nose absentmindedly, ‘She’s been drawing since she was little.’

‘Yes Merribanks! She has, ever since she watched Pokémon on the TV as a child, she’s loved Japanese manga. Refuses to draw anything else, hence why we all have such ridiculously large eyes and pointy noses. Her love of writing came about later though, when she first read some Meg Cabot and started to write in her own little journals. Never stopped since. And thats led her all the way to Nottingham Trent University, studying English with Creative Writing. And hopefully she’ll progress onto a Master’s in Gothic Literature!’

‘Yes’, Merribanks added, with a tortured glint in his eyes. ‘It’s so great reading story after harrowing story about Gothic maidens being eaten up by monstrous demons. Really gets your appetite going.’

‘Exactly Merribanks!’ Bimblespottin cooed. ‘And isn’t it just brilliantly atmospheric how she writes such god-awful material in the dead of night, at 3am? Just after watching an abhorrent amount of anime and horror movies? You can see the inspiration shining in her beaming eyes!’

‘Most splendiferous sir’, Merribanks said, ‘Almost as if she has no wish to sleep peacefully.’

‘Indeed Merribanks! But by far, her highest moment was that time when her illustrations were displayed in The University of Nottingham! Such a brilliant accomplishment!’

‘They wrote her name wrong on the showcase.’

‘Ah’, Bimblespottin mumbled, ‘Yes, they did. But we’ll ignore that.’

‘But’, Merribanks added, looking up from his festering teacup, ‘I guess, for a creator, she’s not so bad. She’s really dedicated to her work, and drawing as well as writing is two skills-in-one, I suppose. So, she’s quite snazzy as far as humans go. Despite that big nose of hers.’

‘Ah yes,’ Bimblespottin replied, ‘a shame about that.’



Rebecca Sherratt is a freelance writer and artist, designing book covers, writing short stories or perhaps a blend of both.

Alongside her official blog, she is also a member of The Somerset Writers. Her work has been featured on Inspired Stories and Poems, Trailing Something and Dawn of the Unread, as well as having illustrated for various writers, such as StoriesFromTina, Richard Kefford and Emma Baird.

She also loves sharing the work of her fellow writers on her blog, so if you’d like to send her any of your writing she’d be happy to post it.

Have a look at her LinkedIn if you want information about her work experience.

You can investigate her Commissions page if you’d like a quote for any artwork or writing.