Character Sketches:


A5 -£7

A4 -£15

A3 – £20

These are base prices only. Character sketches also vary in price depending on degree of detail and the colour scheme you choose.

High-Scale Commissions:

These are works which will require more time and effort than the basic character sketch, such as advertisements, posters or book covers; large-scale projects.


See more examples of these projects here!

A5 -£20

A4 – £30

A3 – £45

Know what you want the image to look like? Great!

If you want me to design the entire project, decide on the subject, colour and font etc. then that will be an extra cost of £15 for planning. Additional charges may also apply depending on level of detail required.


Alternatively, if you prefer, I am willing to work by hour. I work at an hourly rate of £8.

Upon completion of work, I am happy to send you a digital copy of the completed image for free, or if you would rather it be posted/shipped to you, I can do that for an additional charge, depending upon the size of the final piece.

*  The above prices are estimates only. Each commission is unique and requires different degrees of work and materials.

*  Once a price has been agreed upon, ¹⁄³ of the full fee must be paid in advance. This is non-refundable.

Or would you rather a writing commission? Feel free to message me if you’d like me to do some creative writing for you. I’m quite happy to do some writing for free! Or if you’d like a larger portion of writing I’d love to discuss any projects with you!

And of course, feel free to just send me a message if you have any questions, or would like a quote for any work. I don’t bite! 🙂