Everlasting Like The Sun

The meadow glistens, as the sun warms your silky feet. Columbines and cowslips dance in the sun. You watch the sun rise, lustrous and luminous. The squirrels rustle through the fallen leaves, a single, solitary hedgehog tickling your bare arms. The place remains devoid of any human life, you the sole occupant. And why, you… Continue reading Everlasting Like The Sun

A Most Unusual Cup of Tea

The young girl expanded her virgin wings. Raven feathers of ink and soot spread out several metres to each side of her fresh, pale skin. In the mirror, her hair curled and smudged dark, her eyebrows forming thick, bushy feathers. Nails were sharpened and grew to a rotten, murky grape. Even her eyes formed a… Continue reading A Most Unusual Cup of Tea