Game Over: End.

PANEL 1: SCENE: Sona, smeared with blood and having fallen on her knees, has noticed the ring on her enemy’s hand. Eyes widening, she reaches up towards her face. SOUND FX: Puff. Puff. PANEL 2: SCENE: Sona removes the now visible headset from her face. She has returned to the real world. SOUND FX: Clip.… Continue reading Game Over: End.

Game Over p.6

PANEL 1: SCENE: This scene takes up two-thirds of the page. A close-up of Sona piercing her sword through the mysterious boss’ heart. He holds up his hand, which is encrusted with a recognisable ruby ring. His visibly tattooed face is now familiar. SOUND FX: Huaaaaa. GAME NARRATOR: ‘’…One.’’ PANEL 2: SCENE: A solid, black… Continue reading Game Over p.6

Game Over p.5

PANEL 1: SCENE: Sona rushes towards the door. In the darkness her feet are scraping past mismatched debris and rags. SOUND FX: Puff. Puff. GAME NARRATOR: ‘’You have ten seconds…Ten...’’ PANEL 2: SCENE: Sona slams down a white, varnished door violently, whilst she reaches for her sword. SOUND FX: Craash! GAME NARRATOR: ‘’…Nine...’’ PANEL 3:… Continue reading Game Over p.5

Game Over 4

PAGE 4   PANEL 1: SCENE: The first time seeing a close up of her, Sona is bruised and bloody from her past fights, but very much alive. She holds her injured shoulder, breathing heavily from exhaustion. Her face is one of intense determination. GAME NARRATOR: ‘’Are you ready for the final round?’’ SOUND FX:… Continue reading Game Over 4

Game Over 3

PAGE 3   PANEL 1: SCENE: Outside the door, Yari is stood talking to a young maid, who is pushing a trolley of fine china. His home is exquisite and beautiful, with a baroque interior, adorned with expensive chandeliers and fine gothic paintings. PANEL 2: SCENE: A close-up of the maid, who has a worried… Continue reading Game Over 3