The Cucumber Aficionado

The musky odour made her eyes water as she stumbled through the shelves. Lines with archaisms and antiquations, the vast library of Harlington Hall was one of the most luxurious libraries in the country. People traveled all the way to the small village just to examine its glorious collection. Some of the books lining its… Continue reading The Cucumber Aficionado

BB 4.5:  a new Bimblespottin story

Here it is! My fifth story in the Bimblespottin saga. Or, well, more of a 4.5 as its a character introduction for the wonderful Adeline.

When I started to write this tale, it wasn’t really meant to be a Bimblespottin tale, but rather a Katherine Mansfield-esque tale of a young woman who can’t be bothered to maintain her decorum around the dinner table.

But, as ever, Bimblespottin started to crop up, and thus Adeline became a new member of the crew.

Please treat her well!

And you can read the rest of my Bimblespottin series here!


And thank you to the Somerset Writers for sharing another one of my stories!

They post some great literature on their blog, so I really encourage you to check them out. Or perhaps contact them, if you would like to see if they could showcase some of your own work?

Copyright © 2016 Rebecca Sherratt

The moving dragon writes

Rebecca was the first of our contributing authors.

It had been a perfectly excruciating affair, but at least this time she hadn’t misused her snail fork.

After the incident last week, mother had ensured her extra tutelage on the proper uses of all things cutlery. Adeline could now tell the difference between a fish fork and a salad fork without so much as a glance. She still was unable to ride a prized stallion or to learn the heart-pounding thrill of fencing, but, as mother said, when would she ever need to know those things?

But enough of that, it was a topic for tomorrows argument. Right now she was sat alongside her mother, feeling the insatiable lust and temptation to purposely choose to use her olive spoon, even though she were about to indulge in some ripened summer fruits.

She tentatively moved her hand, before a brief slap led…

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I'm a tad late, but thank you for 100 followers! This means a party must be in the works... and the Vampire Queen from Liberator always knows how to party! But no party is complete without the Bimblespottin crew... or is it? But, just in time, the Vampire Queen uses one of her best hexes to stop… Continue reading 100 Followers!