Published Works

I have published a variety of technical articles, promotional copy and reports for both B2B and B2C audiences in my career as an editor, covering topics ranging from animal nutrition and health, art and culture, scientific papers, food and feed, processing machinery and event promotions, to name but a few.

I also regularly compose reports to be published in Milling and Grain, International Aquafeed and All Extruded magazine, discussing exhibitions and conferences I organise for the food and feed industries, as well as hosting interviews with industry influencers and experts on the latest innovations in science and food/feed production. As well as this I produce articles and reports for The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum, Cheltenham.

All of my works which have been published, both digital and in print, will be posted here.

Milling and Grain magazine – Founded in 1891, Milling and Grain magazine is an international magazine specialising in flour, rice and pasta processing as well as feed production for poultry, livestock, ruminants and pets

International Aquafeed and Fish Farming Technology magazine – International Aquafeed magazine services the aquaculture industry with regular scientific technical articles covering fish nutrition, feed formulation and fish farming technology

All Extruded magazine – The leading magazine for extrusion processing technology

Conference management and trade exhibition reports – In my time at Perendale Publishers I have also hosted a variety of conferences, which involve in-print and digital marketing through event reports, international travel and social media promotions

The International Milling Directory – Published annually and now in its 28th reincarnation, the International Milling Directory is the ultimate source for all things milling. The annual provides users with a comprehensive guide for companies and products that can provide you with optimal solutions for your business

Ghost-writing – I am also experienced with ghost-writing on behalf of various companies for B2B publications

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