Friends of the Wilson- Summer 2020

As a change from my usual B2B writing, I also carry out work with The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum as Content Editor for their regular Friends of The Wilson newsletters.

The Wilson is a well-recognised and prestigious museum based in Cheltenham, UK. What might initially seem like a relatively humble building not far from the bustling high street soon evolves into a sprawling exploration of seemingly-endless antiques, paintings, statues and more! The museum and art gallery regularly brings in new collections and you can easily spend many hours browsing its floors.

Friends of the Wilson is a exclusive newsletter for patrons of the museum, which provides them an informative guide to the upcoming events and collections in the museum, as well as local news, special events and reviews of other arts and culture taking place within South-West England.

In my role as Content Editor, I commission and sub-edit the content for the newsletters, ensuring that we have a exciting variety of stories for readers that all adhere to the house style and make for a engaging read.

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