Showtime magazine- Spring 2019

The VICTAM Foundation, who host the annual feed exhibition ‘VICTAM International’ produce their own quarterly magazine entitled ‘Showtime’. This magazine serves as a informative guide to the various projects and news that companies participating in VICTAM exhibitions are doing at the moment, as well as serving as a source of information in regard to the state of the upcoming VICTAM exhibition.

I have contributed articles to this magazine several times, to help represent both Milling and Grain and International Aquafeed magazine. Primarily, I discuss the various conferences and awards we host as part of the annual VICTAM exhibitions: the GRAPAS Innovations Awards and Conference and The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards.

In these articles I discuss our awards and conferences in a slightly different context than I would for the readers of our magazines, as readers of Showtime are possibly less aware of us as a company and the services we offer the industry.

In the Spring 2019 issue of Showtime I produced an article discussing the history behind the GRAPAS Innovation Awards and Conference, as well as promoting the first applicant we had received at that time and encouraging others to join us- 14 more applications soon followed suit!

As well as this, I also produced short promotional copy to encourage exhibitors at VICTAM International 2019 to enter both the GRAPAS Innovations Awards for flour milling and The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards for feed milling for their section discussing the variety of awards taking place during the event.

You can read more about my experiences at VICTAM International and how our awards and conferences went here:

The GRAPAS Conference 2019 and GRAPAS 2020 so far

The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards

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