All Extruded magazine

As well as producing editorial for Milling and Grain magazine and International Aquafeed magazine as part of my role as Features Editor for Perendale Publishers Ltd, I also provide editorial for our quarterly magazine published by our Latin American office: All Extruded.

All Extruded magazine is a publication that closely relates to Milling and Grain magazine and International Aquafeed magazine, as All Extruded concerns itself with the production and processing of feed. However, one crucial difference is that the feed discussed in All Extruded is primarily feed for pets such as dogs and cats, rather than fish feed or nutritional solutions for poultry, livestock, swine and ruminants.

This shift in focus in All Extruded came about as, in Latin America specifically, the pet food market is an especially large market and there are a great deal of innovations in the pet food industry worth discussing. This, however, is not to suggest that fish feed and feed for livestock, poultry etc isn’t also discussed in the magazine, but not to the same extent as in the other two publications I manage.

In my role within the All Extruded team, I process and gather editorial that we have published within our sister publications, Milling and Grain and International Aquafeed, and establish which articles would be the best fit for inside All Extruded to cater to their own unique audience.

I also compose articles (in English) for the magazine, as well as commission additional content, which I then proceed to forward on for the All Extruded translators to manage, so the text can be published in Spanish.

There are plans to expand the magazine into English and increase its visibility worldwide.

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