The 28th International Milling Directory

Earlier this year, Perendale Publishers released the 28th edition of the International Milling Directory, our comprehensive guide to companies involved in all aspects of the feed and food production process. This 300+ page behemoth has dedicated sections for feed milling, food nutrition, feed ingredients, conveying and handling, consultancy services and storage solutions.

Last year, when we produced the 27th International Milling Directory (which you can see here) I was primarily responsible for sourcing the interviews, various event reports and training opportunities, as well as proofreading the entire publication.

This year, I played a much more significant part in producing the directory, providing all of the editorial content to feature in the publication, as well as proofreading the directory and producing copy promoting our various online, in print and event opportunities for industry members.

This year, we wanted to address the challenge that is facing print directories with the rise of the internet. It is undeniable that print directories nowadays are suffering, as they struggle to compete with the simplicity and ease of conducting a quick Google Search. In order to emphasise to both our advertisers and readers that our directory is here to stay, we adopted a variety of short links, QR codes and links straight out to digital content throughout the publication, which emphasise our renewed focus on the fusion of both digital and print.

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