Returning to AquaFarm 2020 in Pordenone, Italy

In February 2020 I returned to the lovely town of Pordenone in Italy for the fourth edition of AquaFarm, the premiere aquaculture exhibition for the Mediterranean region. In my 2019 report, I highlighted how AquaFarm was an especially strong exhibition for the local feed industry and, this year, I was pleased to see that the show had certainly grown to become an all-encompassing event that also caters to fish farming technology, marine health, horticulture and soilless farming.

In International Aquafeed’s March issue my event report was published, highlighting the variety of strengths of this relatively new but very popular event. AquaFarm certainly seems to be cementing its role in the European aquaculture industry and, despite most exhibitions generally focussing upon aquaculture on a very global scale, many exhibitors we spoke to expressed their pleasure at attending an event that is, instead, much more focussed on a specific regions growth.

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