Visiting Satake Europe, UK

In May 2019, myself and Perendale Publishers’ Group President were given the opportunity to visit the head offices and manufacturing facility for Satake Europe, based in Stockport, UK. We were given this chance as part of a meeting held by the North of England Flour Millers Association.

The North of England Flour Millers serve as the key milling association for the entirety of Northern England, as well as the midlands. The society is also part of the National Association of British and Irish Millers (NABIM), based in London.

Visiting Satake Europe was an intriguing experience, as I had never before visited a manufacturing facility belonging to one of our advertisers. I work directly with Satake Japan regularly each month, commissioning monthly articles from their technical writing team, but Satake Europe were also a lovely team and kindly showed us round their facilities as well as providing us with the chance to see their latest innovations in action.

We were also very happy to see their GRAPAS Innovations Award on display, which they received from Milling and Grain magazine in 2018 for their roller mill, under their brand ‘Henry Simon’, co-owned and produced with Turkish milling innovators Alapala.

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