Visiting The Mills Archive, UK

On December 7th, 2019 Milling and Grain magazine visited The Mills Archive in Reading, UK.

We work extensively with The Mills Archive and have done so for many years. Every month I commission regular columns from their trustee, Mildred Cookson, for Milling and Grain magazine. Mrs Cookson specialises in historical columns about British milling and how the industry has evolved over the past centuries.

Her columns are always an enjoyable read and pose as an interesting juxtaposition to the publication’s usual focus on the latest technological innovations in milling from the recent few months.

As patrons of The Mills Archive, Milling and Grain visited their office in Reading in order to commemorate our official Milling and Grain’s Room at the archives. In the report below, I discuss this trip and our experience visiting the archive.

At the time of our visit, the archive as very happy to have recently been donated a collection of very important milling documents, as part of the Rex Wailes Collection. Rex Wailes was a prolific writer and mill enthusiast of the 20th Century, who travelled internationally researching mills of all kinds.

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