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Hey guys, I am back with a new book cover!

The title of this new book is Feeding the Ducks, an anthology of poetry by Gillian Peall. Gillian is a good friend of¬†Richard’s, who wanted to try her hand at self-publishing her first poetry collection and I am thrilled to have illustrated it for her.

I’ve recently gotten quite adept with my digital tablet and painting with Photoshop, so my illustrations are now of a much better quality so I can now offer much better designs for my clients! ūüôā

Cover Smaller Duck.jpg

I highly recommend checking Gillians’ collection out when it becomes available, and I will update this post with the link to it when the book gets published.

Gillian is also a member of the Somerset writers, a group I have also collaborated with, so you can check out the rest of her creative writing over on their site!


Interested in having your own book cover illustrated, or something similar? Get in touch with me and we can talk ideas!

You can also check out the rest of my commissioned work here.