King and the Kastle Version 2

Hello all! I have another recently designed book cover to show you.

You may think this cover looks similar to a recent design created for Richard Kefford, and it is! Over the past few weeks I have been teaching myself how to use Photoshop and digital illustration tools, so that I was able to create an alternative version of Richard’s The King and the Kastle book, this time for his grandson rather than his granddaughter.


Albert Final JPEG

Thanks to these new skills I have learnt, I am now adept at digital illustration, so my illustrations are now much more professional and high quality, so if you need your book designed, or are on the hunt for a freelance artist to help you out with a project, I’m your girl!

As I am now just finalising my master’s dissertation, I am more or less finished with education and am hoping to develop this business into a fully-fledged company. I already have several projects lined up, as well as some exciting news regarding a new series of books with a certain Mr Kefford, but I am also more than happy to take on any commissions anyone may have!

For now though, make sure to check out Richard’s Amazon page to see some of the books I have illustrated for him, along with plenty more. And stay tuned to this site for more updates!

Interested in having me illustrate your next project? Contact me!

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