New Book Cover Designed!

Hello everyone!

Sorry that (again) it has been a while. While I’m writing up my MA Dissertation and doing all my final exams, I’m now in a mad rush to get a job, get a car and get a house, all before my partner loses his university flat in July, so he doesn’t have to travel to the other side of the world to move back in with his parents! So there is a lot going on and everything is super hectic.

I’m hoping within 2 or 3 weeks to be done with all my uni work for good though, and then I will have plenty of time to keep updating this webpage, while I do some serious job and house-hunting! So please bear with me till then 🙂

Thankfully, alongside all these projects, I have still also managed to do more art commissions, and my old partner, Richard Kefford wanted another book cover designing.

So voila! Here is The King and the Kastle:



I loved working on this project so much, especially designing the cute princess! 🙂


This book, sadly, is not on sale, however, Richard has also written many books which you can find for sale on his Amazon Page, some of which I have also illustrated, and make sure to check out his blog too.

Sadly, due to everything that is going on, I am closed for future art commissions temporarily. I will be closed until June 1st, but if you have ideas and just want to whizz them past me, either for a quote or just to see what I think, then still feel free to contact me here!



Copyright © 2018 Rebecca Sherratt


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