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Hello everyone! πŸ™‚

Its been a long time, about seven months in fact.

University got so hectic this year now that I’ve started my master’s degree. Its in Gothic literature, which I absolutely love, but its definitely proving to be more of a challenge when compared to my undergrad degree, its definitely a big jump up!

Additionally, I’m starting to get into the big, scary world of work and looking for a flat with my partner, so everything is very hectic as I transition into a proper adult- which is terrifying.

But I’m hoping now to start posting a lot more on my blog! Once I get settled in with a flat and a job, I’m hoping I will actually have more time and money to invest in my art, so I will be posting work more regularly. The same goes for writing, I’m hoping to get writing some stories and try trying to get them published.

So expect more sketches and stories coming up on here soon! Along with that, I really love all the literary criticism and the theoretical aspects of my literature degree, so I am considering maybe posting some of my essays from my undergraduate degree up on here for people to read, just to see if they generate any intriguing discussion or get people interested in some books πŸ™‚

Look forward to it, and I’d love to hear from you all!