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She sits adorned

Upon porcelain bones

Donned in frayed silk

And worm-eaten frills.

Sculpted nails


Across shattered skulls

Leaving her mark

On lifeless lips.

Her left hand

Runs dainty fingers

Through charcoal hair

Delicate, fairylike tousled


Trailing down

The cobwebbed throne

A spiders web through

Molten catacombs.

The pitter pattering

Of trembling feet

Approaching her tomb

A man, enchained

Pitiful eyes weeping

Crystallised tears

Begging for the mercy

Of the girl with

Harlequin eyes.

He begs his case

Voice pleading and

Sobbing for sweet release

And so

She gives it to him.



The past few months I’ve been playing Shadowverse a lot, and this poem is loosely based off the Shadowcraft character Luna, just a lot more badass and evil.

I’ve written loads more Gothic work, which you can check out at my Gothic tag!

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