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She felt relieved

And disgusted.

No longer would

She need to hide

Cowering, like a

Startled fawn.

Afraid of unwanted hands

Probing and dissecting her

From the inside out.


She felt proud

And repulsed.

She was happy now

Blissfully radiant

Until the phone calls

Reminded her in the

Dead of night

That he still wasn’t


And she just left him

To suffer in silence.


Four A.M. she lay

In bed beside

Another. The phone

Began to ring

And she wondered

If he would really

Hurt himself

The way he said

He would. And she

Would be responsible

For another

Abhorrent butchery

Once again.


She retched and heaved

Feeling the familiar

Knawing sensation

Building up

In her throat.

Both men would

Watch her

From wherever they went to

When life escaped

Their decaying bodies

And they would


Her serrated fingernails

Into her untainted flesh

Mangling and


Till nothing

Was left.




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Copyright © 2017 Rebecca Sherratt