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Melanie Martinez – Carnival

Come see our carnivorously captivating carnival!

Look at the loathsomely luscious lights!

Marvel at our magnificently macabre monsters!


Freakish fiends looking fearfully thirsty?

Hateful eyes seeming hideously hungry?

Feed them your fragile, candyfloss heart, fine friend.


Explore our eccentric, ethereal estate!

The freak show thrills all!

Yes young man, yes you must join us!


Melody the Mermaid, from the malevolent Mediterranean,

Pouts her lips, parting to reveal pointy, protruding fangs.


Waeryn Wolf, wandering wailfully in her woebegone cage,

Bruised and broken, bewitching all with her biracial bellows.


Golnnar Gorgon, given to us gratuitously from ghoulish Gods,

Beneath bulging bandages, blistering eyes bleeding.


Yet who is over yonder? You seem yet still yearning,

Sylvana Succubus, serenading you slowly towards supple breasts

And arousing arse. As she arches her back, allowing you an entrance.


Be vigilant, virtuous virgin. Voluptuous vixens are very violent,

Nicotine lips nestle in the nape of your neck, nuzzling, nursing,

Teeth tearing through tender tendons.


The Carnivorous Carnival’s cacophonous clapping

Whistles on whispering, wistful winds,

Foolish boy, first of many, foraging for freakish affection.

Lustful life-blood lingering on lavender lips,

She does so desire stupid, dim-witted simpletons such as him.

Copyright © 2017 Rebecca Sherratt

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