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Halsey – Coming Down


She found God in a lover.

With auburn hair, and those confident strokes of his bony fingers.

He would love her for her wrongdoings, and pray to the demons beneath that she would remain a monster forever, a beacon of the very sin he had seduced womankind to commit.

Every evening, sopping wet from the rain, he would come.

Violently, uncontrollably, relentlessly.

And so would she.

Obscured pleasures before unknown would open up to her, and those maroon eyes sparkled alight, with every new receptor finding itself awoken and aflame, as the rain played against the windows.

Loudly, furiously, relentlessly.

Then, as it neared its conclusion, there would be one, solitary kiss. A reminder that this did not, and could not, mean something. It simply wasn’t allowed, for something so all-consuming would destroy them both, leave them festering from the core until they were merely hollow shells.

Then he would leave, and she was left to process what she had done. Regret and guilt would pierce the empty place in her obsidian soul.

And so it would continue, endlessly, even after December came, and the life expired from his mutilated body.


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Copyright © 2017 Rebecca Sherratt