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Well done to Auri for reaching 100 followers and 1000 blog views!   🙂 It’s an awesome achievement, and I’m sure her blog will only continue to grow!

She also set up a cool challenge for her followers, so here’s my mine!   🙂


  1. Start with the first post you ever wrote. Talk about how it felt writing it and your feelings about it now.

My first post was And we Begin! which was a sort of general introduction to what I’d be doing on my blog., My first real piece was rather my short story Lavender, which I think suitably set the tone for my monstrous standards of writing and heinous morals.

2.Give a shout out for your first follower. Are you still in touch with them? Do you have something to say to them? Here’s your chance!

My very first follower was Kent at DirtySciFiBuddha. I don’t contact him all that much, but generally, whenever I see his posts, he always looks very professional; he seems very much into the self-publishing game, which I always find impressive! I wish I could create a large enough project to create a full book and be able to publish it, that’s definitely a goal I’d like to complete one day!

3. Your first like. How did you feel?

Awesome! It always feels nice to see how my posts are gradually getting more and more popular. For the last interview I was tagged in by R L Tierney I went back to my past posts and remembered being so happy when they got about 5 or 6 likes on them. Now I’m averaging between 30 and 40, which isn’t much to some but it makes me feel so accomplished that I keep improving!

4.The day you felt it was a terrible idea to start blogging.

I’ve never really felt that way, to be honest. It’s led to me starting my art commissions company and I’ve met some great friends online. Admittedly, when I’m drowning in commissions, uni work, and then I have to keep writing and drawing to keep the blog updated, it can get quite stressful, but I’m a workaholic, so generally its a nice feeling! I suspect this exam season I will be struggling though…

5. The blog you felt was your inspiration to write.

There wasn’t really any particular blog which inspired me… I was just sat around all summer and thought that I don’t want to be sat around doing nothing like I do every other holiday! But I suppose all the millions of little blogs that post regular comics like PDL and EatMoreBikes were an inspiration. I’d love to do some short comic strips like that, alongside my writing!

6. How you designed and formatted your blog.

That was horrific. I’m still very much getting used to WordPress, and I remember almost giving up after a week or two because I just couldn’t work out how to get anything working. I still don’t know how the ‘Blog’ button works. What’s the difference between a blog post and normal post? Help me. >,< If anyone knows, please comment and tell me!

I basically just messed around and hoped for the best! I keep meaning to draw up a new header for the site too, cause I have much better pens and materials now. Over time I just added new stuff in, like Projects and widgets etc, but it all takes time to get used to. I should really learn how to use HTML codes…

7. The first comment on your site.


8. First blogger who became a friend.

That would probably be DeanJean, its a really nice feeling when you read each other’s work and learn from it. Her poetry is great, I wish I could write like that!

9. The very last follower until today.

My latest follower was Faithless Paladin. I’ve just had a nosy at their blog and they seem to write some great poetry!    🙂

10. A blog that made you feel your site needs serious improvements.

All of them. Every blog ever. Hmm… probably just those blogs that post a new article literally every two seconds, it’s like, how?? One post every 3-4 days is about the best I can manage!


There will be no nominations except for your first follower.

Ok then, looks like you’re up, Dirty SciFi Buddha!
And thanks again for the challenge Auri!    🙂