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Halsey – Young God


The sun rose with tremendous speed, blinding the metamorphosing girl as she emerged from her cocoon. She shrunk back instinctively, a hiss escaping from her sharpened fangs.

She thrust herself out into the sweltering heat, diving into the pool beneath. Drowning her thoughts out. The water burnt her new, unadulterated skin, but she knew she deserved it. She knew what she had done, and it was sinful. If only she could stay hidden down here forever.

Then his hand gripped her firmly, thrusting her upwards into an explosion of syntheasia. Lavender clouds and chirping flowers brought her back to life, as she rose out of the golden, humming waters to glare at him.

Harlequin eyes gazed back at her, dilated pupils scented with copper and onyx. He leant forward, caressing her stonework cheek. As he did so, she felt her auburn hair sense her new body. It grew fluorescent and effervescent, rendering itself crimson and cardamom. The colour of the sins she had committed.

Opening her mouth, she tried her best to speak. But no words came out, only a dozen strawberry butterflies, caught in the web of her song. They flocked upwards to the marmalade skies, disappearing from her vision.

He offered out his hand, never smiling nor offering any words of comfort. She knew what she had accepted when he made love to her underneath the blood moon.

And so they ascended upwards, stumbling through heaven, as young gods.



Halsey’s music is always so easy to write to. You can check out the rest of the writing I’ve done based off her music here! There’s also other artists such as Twenty-one Pilots, Aphex Twin, and soon it will be inundated with monstrous amounts of Lana Del Rey!

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