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Thanks to R.L.Tierney for tagging me in this writer’s challenge! 🙂 I feel honored *bows*

Her blog is full of some great stories and poetry, so I strongly recommend giving her blog a look!     🙂

1. Name?



2. Five words that describe your writing?

Emotional, passionate, ambiguous, cynical, tragic.


3. Literature / art / films you’d recommend?

Books: The Bloody ChamberA Series of Unfortunate Events and The Princess Diaries
TV: For me, this has got to be anime. So… KiznaiverMadoka Magica and I recently watched Magical Girl Raising Project, which was pretty good!
Films: Shinkai’s Your NameKill Bill and at Christmas I watched Me Before You, which was horrifically depressing, but great.

4. Images, symbols, and settings you associate with your work?

Flowers are key, especially lilies. May have stolen that from Angela Carter    🙂   I also frequently use settings such as forests and bridges in my stories.


5. Themes / concepts you are hesitant to write about?

I’ve never been a big fan of using dialogue. I’ve noticed in my creative writing degree that seems to be the case with a lot of people though…

Also, when I write fast-paced action sequences I’m pleased with them, but I still rarely ever dare write them >,<

6. What would you tell someone who’s nervous about starting out?

I’d say to use other media as key influences when starting off writing. Whether it’s music, or thinking about a book/film, if you’re struggling for inspiration it really helps. And not everything you write will be amazing, but it gets easier the more you write. You start to learn what you’re good at and keep improving, till you’re a writing ninja!

7. Three of your writings you’d recommend to people who’d like to know more about you?

I think:

Murky WatersThe Erl Queen and Idle Curiosity

8. What pushes you to keep writing?

It sounds silly, but I like to treat running this blog almost like a job, or extra part of my uni work. That way I keep it updated regularly, and reap the benefits from it. So much work from here has come in useful, whether for my dissertation or masters applications.

Also writing about personal stuff really helps me understand my own feelings about things. I used to write in journals a lot, and this is now my new way of letting out my own frustrations and feelings, which seems more productive and interesting.


Time to tag some unfortunate souls!