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Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha – In the Name of Love

Thanks to R L Tierney for requesting I write about this song!   🙂   I’ve gotten ever so slightly addicted to it now.


His hands cover my eyes, a smooth caramel voice urging me forwards. The cool air blows my crimson dress up, exposing my shivering legs.

What are you doing? I enquire quizzically, I hope you’re not leading me anywhere dangerous.

He chuckles, nuzzling his face into my chestnut hair. I shiver, and he holds me close.

His scent drowns me and I allow myself to be swallowed up.

Don’t you worry, he whispers in my ear.

A few more stumbled steps, as the cold marble floor. He lets go of me.

Open your eyes, darling.

And I am bathed in light.

A skyline of limes, tangerines and cherries. I look down, my body a myriad of iridescence against the night time sky. In the mirrors I gaze at my distorted body, painted into a nameless palette. I am a canvas flecked with all the colours of the rainbow.

His fingers intertwine with mine, pushing me through the mirrors, raining candyfloss shards upon my face.

I fall down the endless storeys, wind slicing my fingers where his warmth still resides. My hands smudge coral, then crimson, then ivory once more.

Lungs fill, full and heavy, with chromatic water as I delve into the pool. My limbs are sore, but he is there, at the very bottom. He extends out an arm and I reach out, chlorine stinging my eyes.

We bathe in the lights, staring up at the water from the endless expanse beneath.

But still, something isn’t right…

I turn around, and in the despairing depths my voice makes no sound as I choke out.

Shouldn’t you be…?

He stares at me, solemnly placing his hands over my eyes once more.

And we are once more back home. The shrill beep of your dialysis machine at the same, monotonous pace. Where the sadness leaves you broken in your bed.


I hope you like it! This one went a little weird…

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