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Windowlicker by Aphex Twin

The sweltering music made his eardrums burn and bleed. His eyes watered in the fluorescent smoke and neon lights.

He was afraid but tremendously excited. The crumpled mass of bodies excited him, and so he soon gave way to the pleasures that trembled his tender frame.

Breasts pressed against his chest, perfumed bodies heaving against one another. Two intoxicated women crashed into one another, giggling several octaves above human capabilities. They swatted each other away playfully, before sinking their lips into one another’s palpitating bodies.

His member began to twitch, his virgin cheeks flushing at the transgressive sights laid before him. But no matter, he was soon distracted by other such sights, even more controversial and stimulating than the last.

Men, women and everything in-between emerged from the psychedelic fog, catering to his every pleasure, his every desire. As his pure flesh was caressed and fondled, he lost all sense of reason.

He soon lost where his body began and everybody else’s ended. They were one heaping mass upon the sticky floor, eardrums still burning, his eyes bleeding from the sour taste of the strangers atop him.

Salty music and throbbing heartbeats blended until he was nothing but a distortion of colours and music. He felt his soul transcend that hollow shell, floating upon the ceiling, looking down at the amalgamation of corpses beneath him. Between the ivory and caramel heaps of flesh, he faintly discerned his own face, blissful and senseless, as he fought his way into the barrage of figures.

Crescendo, accelerando, coda.

He spat out a tooth and felt the crater in his mouth. The fingers he removed from inside a nearby woman festered away. Nothing was left but the shallow bone, as her acid left him mutilated and rotten. His screams were muted by the throbbing music, and she gave another inhumanly sinister giggle.

Then those around her began to giggle until the whole club was cackling and laughing with reckless abandon. It was so funny, this man with the bleeding ears and the toothless grin and the rotten fingers. It was hilarious.

Faceless figures cackled and spluttered, their saliva decorating his face as it mixed with their sweat.

Their faces turned to him, and it was his. His own bushy brows and misshapen jaw and toothless grin. It stared back at him hundreds of times, on the misshapen bodies of a thousand strangers.

The music wouldn’t stop, it only grew louder and the bodies rocked harder and faster.

He was submerged, compressed, until nothing remained. He was merely a disfigured mess on the sticky floor.


Well, this one went weird, but then again, Aphex Twin’s music videos are always somewhat traumatizing.

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I hope you enjoyed it!    🙂

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