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Thank you all for 500 followers! This is a great achievement, especially considering I only started this blog back in June!

I’m always telling myself I need to do more sketches for my blog, but ever since I began my art commissions, I’ve been so busy that I rarely have time for any other sketching. But hopefully that will change and I’ll start posting sketches more regularly, especially seeing as I got a drawing tablet for Christmas, so hopefully I can start delving into the world of digital art!    🙂

For now, I’ve been playing lots and lots of Overwatch, so please enjoy this fan art!



It’s Soldier 76’s birthday! And what could be a better gift than his own baby pachimari?

My most played characters are D.va and Reaper, along with Soldier 76, Roadhog, Junkrat and a few others, but I’m slowly getting more into playing as Mei (mainly because her robot is so damn cute), Pharah and Tracer.

Zenyatta is my favourite healer, he’s such a cutie.


And I love a particular voice line of his…


Reaper will always be my little baby though:


Wait, why have I drawn him as a little potato, I hear you ask?

For Christmas, I also got this adorable little plushie of him, perfectly round, soft and potato-esque!


He’s available at Japanosaurus. Pretty pricey, but I thankfully got him on sale. He’s a great quality plush though, and surprisingly big! And look at those rosy little cheeks    ❤


So yes, thank you again for 500 followers! I’m hoping this number keeps on increasing, and my blog grows even more!

You can check out more of my sketches right here!