Yes, since its now the new year I thought I might as well start a new collection of stories!

Well, this one isn’t so much a new series as it is a name to give all the stories I write based off of music.



Image not mine!


Everyone uses music as an influence when writing, but this series will involve me listening to one song on repeat, and simply writing whatever comes into my head in relation to the song in question.

I love thinking up music videos and stories behind songs, so hopefully this will be a really varied, interesting collection! And I love discovering different people’s interpretations of different songs and music videos, so I’d love this to be a project that really engages with people, whether it’s sending me in requests for me to write based off of certain songs, or just discussions about what different songs mean and how we interpret them.

At the moment, all the pieces I’ve written are just based off of ungodly amounts of Halsey and Lana Del Rey, but there will be all sorts of different music and writing up soon, so look forward to it!   🙂

Check out the portfolio page as it keeps updating here!