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Well, since I’ve been so busy with commissions that I’ve not posted any sketches on here for a while, I thought I’d just post some drawings of my latest obsession: Mystic Messenger!


Made by Korean otome company Cheritz, this ios/android game is basically an app where the characters message you via a chat room and unravel various stories based off of which cute anime guy you choose to be with.

Despite being an undeniable weeaboo, I’ve never played any of the hundreds of mobile otome games before, since  I just thought that that’s a level of cringe which I am, quite frankly, not able to handle ><.

But Cheritz has completely managed to turn that around. I love Mystic Messenger! At the time of writing this, I have completed Yoosung’s and Zen’s routes, and am partway through Jumin’s. Its just a brilliant game! >,<

Plus, Cheritz are so generous. In-game currency is needed to unlock some parts of characters’ stories, or to make phone calls to characters etc, but they’ve given away so much currency for free I’m drowning in all this gloriously beautiful content *^*

And I’m looking forward to playing 707’s route, to discover why everyone idolizes him so much :3

And to people who know the game who may be asking, why haven’t I drawn the fifth character, Jaehee?

No. She sucks -____-

And her hair is awful.

But I hope you liked my fan art! If you want to see more of my manga art, you can have a nosy here!

And I strongly recommend trying out Mystic Messenger! It will take over your life and everything you hold dear… *^*