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#FFFFFF cannot compare to the sensation of being #000000

Those men look at you, with those #FF0000 eyes.

#FFFAFA is not good enough.

Nor is #FFFFF0.

They want more.

Your skin tinted #555D50.

Now you have their attention.

Your legs spread open, #F88379, #FFC0CB, #CD5C5C


That’s my 100th blog post complete!   🙂

Hmm, so this is a weird one.

Well, whenever I write, I’m constantly googling different names for colours. This led to me noticing the names for all the different colours on the colour spectrum, but instead of names they are a blend of letters and numbers called Hex Triplets.

So I thought, why not write about that?

If you translate some of the codes, they spell words out which help give an idea of what the poem is about. But I thought it was a pretty cool experiment.

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