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Two sides of the same coin
Broken glass and sparkling light.
Solemn face and earnest eyes

A fluttering heart.
A broken will.
Lost hopes and unfound dreams.
A silent melody in the midst

of fire, ash and burning mist.
A beam of light in the sea.
Sudden snow and pretty rain.
Wonder why and cry again.
A trembling hand.
A shivering form.
Sun in sky and birds in flight.
Dark clouds.
An un-pretty sight.
The world sleeping.
Someone weeping.
A beat of wings, a silent night.
Somehow. Somewhere. Sometime right.
A muffled cry.
Another lie.
Blood red. Skin brown.
Hair black. Fallen down.
Broken girl in a broken world.

Forgotten resolve. Lost courage.
A dead bird in an open cage.

Love lost. Found rage.
One wing. Two lands.
A fallen angel.
A supressed hate.
Maze of emotions. Ocean of tears.
A twisted mind is what is here.
Bright flowers. Grey tombstones.
On her knees. Alone again.
A final reality.

A fate of pain.
Un -existing choice. False promises.

Life. Death. What are they but
two sides of the same coin.

-Acacia Aurora


This poem was written by my snazzy new WordPress companion, Auri!

Her blog is full of awesome articles and opinions on manga, anime and popular culture, so you should definitely check it out here! She also shares her illustrations and fan art. Hopefully there’ll be more creative writing showing up too 🙂

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