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The imbecile

Who mocks the cicadas

Blissfully ignorant of the girl at his feet;


Goody two shoes

Cheeks flashing crimson

As her love falls for another;


Muscle-head thug

Demands twenty percent

Of what he reaps and has sown;


Eccentric head-case

Faeries flock up above

Eyes of amaranth and boysenberry;


Cunning normal

Seduces and sweeps

Off his feet all but one;


High and Mighty

All alone does she weep

Always watched from afar;


The Immoral

Gasping and groaning

In anticipation of moaning


And the arctic girl

With polka dot panties






Here’s a new anime poem, based this time off the recent show Kiznaiver.

This anime has immediately become one of my favorites, due to just how brilliantly the protagonists are characterized, and how studio Trigger made such strong, emotional episodes T^T

I would seriously recommend this series, even to people who don’t like anime!

I’ll also be posting some character sketches up for Kiznaiver, so look out for them!