Murky Waters

The Vampire Queen may rule the land

But she shall never tame the seas

A sunken, undersea dreamland

Where sirens give sultry striptease


Beware oh sailor that’s sent adrift

Kraken or Hydra would be better still

Take heed of the girl on the graveyard shift

Her luscious gaze robs you of all free will


Come, take her hand. Let’s guide you home

Through the jaws of a humpback, late deceased.

Where spirits and servants cry and moan

In the realm where she gorges and eats and feasts.


Bones and sinew litter her bed

The still-throbbing heart of her lovely pet

But the man, he is blind with his throbbing head

His body is hers, in this Russian roulette.


Her scales they glisten, start to rot

Milky skin grows maggots and drops

Empty sockets; eye once apricot

One swift slice and his head off she chops.


The sovereign siren rules the water

Oceans stained crimson by cunning devilry

Keep your men away from this slaughter

Lest they be lured by her haunting melody.


This was created as a sort of follow up to my poem about the Vampire Queen in my poem, Liberator. If she’s the ruler of the skies then whos the ruler of the oceans?

Come see my mermaid sketches here!

And if you’d like to read more of my Gothic work, check out my tag here, full of more voluptuous daemons and bloodthirsty maidens!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Copyright © 2016 Rebecca Sherratt

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