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This was it, she thought wistfully, the big day.

And it would be perfect.

Spring had begun, the cherry blossoms were blooming. Some drops of fresh rain were forming minuscule puddles on the school grounds.

As she waited for the fateful moment, she gazed into the pool beneath her; an iridescent assemblage of fuchsia and sapphire.

She shifted nervously from foot to foot, fingering the bento box she had so carefully prepared last night.

‘Why are you preparing so much rice?’ Umi asked her, ‘You’re not feeding the entire school.’

Yuuki sighed and rolled her eyes, continuing to scavenge through the fridge.

‘It’s not just for me,’ she replied, ‘it’s for Kyou. He has a very special proposition to offer me at school tomorrow.’

Umi, usually a loud and boisterous visitor, grew abruptly silent and stoic. She closed her book and stared at the love-struck girl.

‘You know this for sure?’ She said.

‘Of course!’ Yuuki replied cheerfully, ‘my little spies told me, and they’re never wrong!’

The remainder of the evening was spent in silence.

Movie night was a dull affair. Umi took no interest in seeing who could engorge themselves with the most caramel popcorn, nor was she intrigued by the offer of a blood-thirsty pillow fight. They were both in their pajamas, curling up for bed when Umi finally spoke.

‘You know,’ she said not-so-tentatively, as she lay her sleeping bag on the floor, ‘Kyou can be a real jerk. He hops from girl to girl with reckless abandon. He won’t stick with you for five minutes once he gets what he wants.’

Yuuki didn’t expect such coldness from her best friend. She grew tense, uncomfortable, dropping her journal to the floor before hastily picking it up again.

‘Jeez,’ she replied, continuing to scribble down her notes, ‘what’s gotten into you all of a sudden? You jealous or something?’

The interminable silence tore through the room.

Many moments later, a single, quivering voice;

‘Maybe I want you to make me cute little bento boxes to share. Maybe I want you to write about me in that journal of yours.’


When Yuuki awoke, the brazen girl was already gone.

Now, standing beneath the classroom window, she felt Umi’s eyes burning into her back.

But she would prove her wrong, she would be with Kyou, and would finally be happy with the man of her dreams.


The rain grew heavy, the cherry blossoms were shook relentlessly from the trees by the foul-sounding thunder.

The girl had spent so long that morning brushing her hair and applying her makeup, but she was now a drowned rat in a sea of indeterminable faces.

She threw the bento box into the mud, kicking it against the football field with the rage befitting a heartbroken teenage girl.

Before calming down, she proceeded to kick and punch the nearby foliage, catching her tights on the plants and falling headlong into the mud.

The laughter from the nearby classrooms felt deafening.

Then, an umbrella was delicately placed over her head, and a warm, comforting hand lifted her up.

‘Come here,’ a familiar voice cooed.

A soft kiss on her smudged cheek, then a gentle chuckle.

‘You know what they say about two people who share an umbrella.’

Cute ❤ I wanted to write a typical cutesy Shoujo/Yuri story, and this is where the inspiration led me.

Look forward to my other anime-ish writing in the future! I’ll be posting a poem based off of Kiznaiver soon, and I’ve already written some based off other manga such as Vampire Knight and Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

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