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I’ve just reached 300 followers, so thank you! 🙂

To celebrate this achievement, I decided to do a drawing of a certain vampire queen, from my story Fraulein in the House of Love!

As part of my series of Gothic shorts, For I Am A Lover of Lilies, I found this story very evocative. All of the stories in my Lilies series could have had dozens upon dozens of drawings, but I didn’t want to just scribble up some quick sketches, if I do some I want them to be nice!


Usually when I do big-scale drawings, I use crayon, since pens leave streaks and can smudge. But I feel like I’m slowly getting much more proficient with my pens! ^0^

If only the castle walls didn’t look like they were straight out of Minecraft.

But I’d love to do more Lilies sketches!

And if you haven’t checked out the series yet, you can see it here!

And if you’d like a nosy at more of my manga art, you can check it out over here!

Thanks again for the followers! ^0^



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