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Time for the final day of my 3Days3Quotes challenge!

And since I’ve already covered both books and music, I suppose the only thing left is quotes from my favorite anime and manga series!


Noriko Sonozaki from Kiznaiver,

Kiznaiver was a brilliant anime, because of just how relatable and lovable the characters were. They were so brilliantly human and heartwarming, that it instantly became one of my favorite series ever.

And even Noriko, who is the cold, distant character of the piece, can say things what resonate with the audience. Despite being an introvert, I still want to connect with people and never feel alone…


Zero Kiryu in Vampire Knight,

Ah, yes. One of the cutest pairings ever.

Zero shows just how loving people and characters can be, even if they do seem cold and unfeeling at first. It just takes that one motion of love, for their hearts to warm up to your kindness.

Blah blah more shoujo crap.

But yeah, I’ve also said a lot about my feels for Zero in my poem Unremitting Thirst, as well as my Vampire Knight fan art.


Madoka Kaname in Puella Magi Madoka Magica,

There are so many brilliant quotes in this series, but this one wins out.

Madoka is so naive and sweet at the beginning of the series, just wanting to help people and ensure that superhero Mami is no longer left on her own.

But despite discovering the horrible truth of magical girls, and seeing all her friends perish, she resolves to still believe in her wish to help people.

And so she becomes a God! So, y’know, it all works out.


And that is the end of my 3Days3Quotes challenge!   😀

Thanks again to DeanJean for nominating me!! ^0^

And who will I be nominating?

Tremble in fear:

Richard from the Somerset Writers

Lois Elsden

Duri Rolvsson


Good luck! 😀