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Time for day 2 of the 3Days3Quotes Challenge! 🙂

This time, I’ve decided to focus on music lyrics!


Keane’s The Frog Prince,

Keane are my favorite band ever, and The Frog Prince is my favorite song.

Its also a huge influence for my dissertation I’m working on, since it tells of a prince who grows too big for his boots, so to speak.

I love the imagery in the song, using magic and fantasy to reflect the growing ego of celebrities in this day and age! I definitely recommend giving it a listen!


My Chemical Romance’s Desert Song,

Not many people will know this sing, since it was just one of their B-Sides and not formally released on any albums, but Desert Song is a great tune, even if it is unbelievably depressing!

And, of course, in typical MCR fashion, its all about death and leaving the ones you love.


Muse’s Hyper Chondriac Music,

Whilst Hyper Music is also a great song, in Hyper Chondriac Music, which is the same song with a slower, gentler tempo, they subtly changed some of the lyrics in a way which I think had a much greater impact than the original!

Changing ‘I don’t want you‘ to ‘I don’t love you‘ seems to hit so much harder, and really conveys a feeling of utter hopelessness and almost even hatred.


And those are my three chosen music lyrics!    🙂

Tomorrow will be my final day, and I’ll be posting anime/manga quotes, so look out for them! ^0^