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Thanks to DeanJean for nominating me for this challenge! 😀 If you don’t know her, you should definitely give her blog a follow, she writes some beautiful poetry!

Since I’ve just got to uni again, its a shame, since I’ve not been able to go through all my favorite books and find the best quotes T^T So the internet has had to be my trusty advisor!

So here we go!


-Jean Rhys, The Voyage in the Dark

I recently finished this book, and it was amazing! A lot like Plath’s novel The Bell Jar, which more people have probably heard of.

The protagonist of Rhys’ novel is in a downward spiral, quickly falling depressed after her lover abandons her as a filthy, used thing. The protagonist is a very emotionless person, but her monologue absolutely blooms into a thing of pure beauty when she starts talking about her childhood in the Caribbean.

The drab, lifeless colors of England form into a rainbow of beauty when she writes about her home so far away. Its an interesting view about a woman who is white, in a still very prejudiced era, who truly felt more at home amongst the people in the Caribbean, and states that she wishes she were black. It raises some really intriguing questions about identity, gender and race.

I’d highly recommend reading the novel!


-Meg Cabot, The Princess Diaries

I wanted to use a really, really random quote from The Princess Diaries, since there are so many great ones. But my poor book collection is all the way back home    😦

Meg Cabot is one of my favorite authors. In a way, I can’t wait to finish my degree and re-read her works. When you’re stuck reading so many serious books for your courses, being able to just relax and read what is possibly the most casual, lighthearted story in the entire world, sounds so refreshing and enjoyable!

(Plus, if anybody didn’t know, a year or so ago Cabot released a new Princess Diaries story, where Mia is all grown up and getting married! Its definitely worth a read!)



-Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber

Well. Obviously she had to be on here somewhere.

This is from Carter’s short story The Bloody Chamber, in one of the most visually arresting scenes I’ve ever read. The poor young girl who has just had to marry a mysterious marquis, discovers his bedroom is a room entirely submerged in mirrors.

Inside the room she sees a million girls being touched by a million marquis, with nowhere to avert her eyes or anywhere to escape from her innocence being violently torn asunder.

The actual scene in the text is quite subtle, but the imagery it evokes is just incredible, as is so much of Carter’s work!


And those are my three novel quotes! 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be doing the second day of the 3 Quotes challenge, which will be music quotes! ^0^

And, if I’m going to be quite frank, I don’t have enough friends who are actually active on WordPress to even nominate, so I’m gonna wait until the final post, to then nominate three people >:3