Unremitting Thirst

I first found him

On that snowy day

Ten years ago.

Mephistophelian eyes

Thorned flesh

Bloody Rose;

A bitter consolation.

Ligneous chambers

Asphyxiating grip

Palpitating throat

As he mounted me; crimson.

Then the years passed

And I grew to love

That same shade

Of sangria and garnet.

Confined to my sibling

Draconian; tyrannical

Incestuous bonds

Nympholepsy; lechery.

A masquerade ball

Sumptuous; opulent

I a cat and him a mouse

So, you can dance after all?

A brush on your lips; your one reward.

Do not expect another

For my progenitor is here.

To incarcerate all vivacity

And destroy all that is near.


Yeah, I’m afraid this is another weeaboo poem, based upon one of my favorite mangas: Vampire Knight.

You can also look at my Vampire Knight fan art right here!


Copyright © 2016 Rebecca Sherratt, (adapted from ‘Vampire Knight’; copyright © 2004-2013 Matsuri Hino).

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