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Yep, I’ve started a new project!

Whilst quite a lot of my writing features around Gothic maidens getting their own back on evil, rotten old monsters, I thought I might as well make this an ongoing series of mine.

So I’ve already written some stories for this project, which I will be posting in a matter of days!

Many of these will be heavily influenced by writers such as Angela Carter, Marina Warner and the Brothers Grimm. If anyone knows of any other writers who deal in dark, chilling fairy tales, I’d love to hear  about them so I can give them a go!


For I am no Lover of Lilies will mainly deal with concepts of gender and sexuality; especially with themes concerning the concept of the sexually liberated woman. (The horror!)

But yes, I’m very excited! Some of the stores I’ve written so far serve as direct prequels/sequels to works such as Carter’s The Bloody Chamber or The Lady of the House of Love, or as side stories to be read alongside them, such as my adaptation of The Erl King, into The Erl Queen. And as I’m currently reading Warner and Grimm as part of my dissertation, I’ll be probably writing some stories based upon their tales!

And, of course, there will also be plenty of original ones. The very first story I posted on my blog, Lavender, also follows this same format, so I will also count that story as part of my collection.

And, of course, expect lots of luscious illustrations to go with these!

I hope you’ll enjoy the project! ^0^