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I love Jane Eyre, and I love Pride and Prejudice, so why not go visit a place where both of these were filmed?

And so over the summer, in my quest for some Gothic inspiration for my dissertation, I also visited Haddon Hall, near Matlock!

Unlike Tissington Hall, which had been somewhat modernised, Haddon Hall had retained most of its original furniture and decorations from back in the Tudor period. Full to the brim with aged tapestries and oil paintings, Haddon was very atmospheric:

The gardens were the  highlight of the tour, having four separate levels which gave you different views of the Derby-shire dales.

Overall, I think I preferred Tissington Hall, as you got a more personal experience with meeting the owner of the house and discovering the history of its inhabitants. But Haddon Hall was a much more atmospheric manor house to visit that was largely untouched, and I would still definitely recommend it!

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