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Hey guys!

As some of you know, I recently designed a book cover for my friend Richard Kefford’s upcoming novel ‘Two Boys from Brighton’.

He’s also started a series on the blog The Moving Dragon Writes, describing his motivation and various inspirations for his novel. Recently, in part six of the series, he has also discussed the importance of book covers. And as you might expect, some of my work has been showcased on there.

You can even see the book cover in progress, so if you want to see how some unpleasant, messy scribbles become a fully-fledged book cover, then go check this out! 🙂

His series is also bustling with information regarding how he creates his characters, the importance of editing as well as getting into the business of self-publication (a useful tool for anyone to learn in this digital age!)

And you can read the rest of the series by clicking here!

The moving dragon writes

If you missed Part 5, please click here:


Part 6 

How the cover was designed.

‘You can’t tell a book by its cover,’ can you? I don’t know who first said this but it is patently untrue. Just walk in Waterspoons, thousands of books, paperback and hard back. Every hardback has a loose cover that has been meticulously designed by a graphic artist and the same goes for the front cover of a paperback. Just think, if you were publishing a book and you could make more profit by leaving the outside presentation of a book just the woven cloth look with no design or extra printing costs, just a single colour, you would do it. So why does everyone go to so much trouble?

As I tried to convince you in section 4 – Self publishing – the cover and the title are what make most people to…

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