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Yep, I designed a book cover!


Richard Kefford, a fellow member of the Somerset Writers, very kindly asked me if I would design him a book cover for his upcoming novel ‘Two Boys from Brighton’, and it was a great project!

Designing the cover was so much fun, from designing the characters, to creating the landscape and even working out the fonts for the text. It really made me appreciate just how much work is put into even the simplest design, and I really felt like I grew close to Richard’s wonderfully thought out characters!

You can check out more of Richard’s publications on his Amazon page here

And if you’d like to see more of my commissions, have a nosy here!

The moving dragon writes

Like many writers, I have been trying to allow my hidden novel to get written and to see the light of day for several years. The plot and characters have been hidden in my head with the characters begging to be allowed out to express themselves through the written word.
This has been a slow process and it has taken a series of events to prod me into action, to work out the plot details, to put flesh on the bones of the characters, to sort out the fine details of the timeline – and so on.
One such prod has been ‘meeting’ Rebecca Sherratt through this blog. She is a second year student at the University of Nottingham who is studying English with Creative writing and Illustration. Those who have seen her work on this blog will have seen how talented she is.
She kindly agreed to design a…

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