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Hurrah! I found my sketches, nestled deep in the undergrowth of the animalistic recycle bin.

Time for some Bimblespotting!

So these sketches are based upon the third story in my Bimblespottin series: The Dastardly Dinner with Miss Draggidoodle, in which Brannigan has a rather unfortunate date with a rather sly young lady, Miss Draggidoodle:

Miss Draggidoodle.jpg

It was quite possibly, the longest dinner of her existence. Nobody wants to hear in precise detail how Brannigan took on 15 ducks at a wrestling match…

Header 2.jpg

Instead, she took a much more strong liking to Merribanks, although he didn’t exactly notice this until it was too late…

Merribanks the Fool.jpg

He is truly, a fool.

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