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Upon examining my Bimblespottin project, it would appear that the sketches for my three initial stories have, well, imploded and ceased to exist. And upon googling the problem, of course, absolute computer coding gibberish came up, so it is simply easier to post the sketches again!


So these are the sketches to go with my very first Bimblespottin story: The Bloodthirsty Beast of Bimblespottin Wood! Which you should definitely read, if you haven’t already.

So you want to meet the honorable Bimblespottin? Of course you do.


There he is, wiggling those resplendent brows of his with not a care in the world.

But what of Merribanks, I hear you ask?

Merribanks started out so naive and innocent, looking back at it now. Whereas, now, five stories in, he seems more like a character who is going to go totally apeshit at any given moment.

Like my Bimblespottin series? Then you can read the whole collection as they get posted, right here!