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Yes, I went and took a relaxing trip round Tissington Hall, outside Buxton. And it is fabulously Gothic! Sadly, I couldn’t take photographs inside, so some images of the gardens will have to suffice.

There was also the cunning eyes of Freddy the owl, watching us from afar:


Freddy the owl.

The house was really beautiful, and the owners, the Fitzgeralds, (no doubt related to the noble Bimblespottin’s)  were very fabulous:

The garden was full of vines and trailing plants, which kept catching you and harassing your every waking breath:


The inside was so lovely, with a enormous library, beautiful dining room, and even a drawing room that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young maiden who burnt to death in the room…

To be fair, there were some terrifying oil paintings in there ><

But, by far, the highlight was the adorable, fluffy ducks resting under the shade of a sign:

Twas a good day.

And I would definitely recommend going! We had a brilliant tour round the estate, hearing all the gossip about the ancestral manor and the family.

Plus, over Christmas they do a Gothic tour, all about Dickens, the Brothers Grimm and the ghosts of Tissington Hall!